Applications are open for Mostra Paranaense de Danca

12 Apr 16:27

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Dancers from Paraná and surrounding areas look forward to attending the event that gives visibility to new talents, national and international opportunities and gives dance students the chance to be recognized on the most emblematic stage of Parana with the full house: Guairão. This is Mostra Paranaense de Dança. Festival organized by ABABTG - Association of Ballet Dancers and Supporters of Guaíra Theater - which in its last edition brought together about 15,000 people (including audiences, dancers, registered artists and students of workshops), with the participation of 83 groups from more than 50 cities. This Thursday, the tenth edition of the event begins to Curitiba’s selective and invites groups, companies, schools and dance students to live strong emotions.

Having the opportunity to perform on the stage of Guairão has already been a unique experience for several groups and dancers that are selected for the final of the Mostra, but the event goes beyond. Participants have found possibilities for technical and artistic improvement and opportunities in professional companies thanks to the visibility that the Festival grants. Last year, dancer Daniel Perin from Francisco Beltrão, who participated in several editions of the event, was invited to join the Ulm Theater - a German contemporary dance company - through a public audition, when the director of the company was in Brazil for another project of the Association. According to the president of ABABTG, the dancer Simone Bönisch, the 2017 edition promises great surprises. “For this commemorative year, we want to broaden the reach of the Mostra’s actions, which aim not only to improve the artistic work of the participants, but also to stimulate the professionalization of young students.” According to Simone, the purpose of revealing and valuing local talent will intensify: “What happened to Daniel Perin greatly rejoices us, we want other young people to have opportunities like this,” she says.

The applications for Curitiba’s selective are open between April 13th and 19th by the website The participants will be presented to a group of professionals invited by ABABTG at Guairinha between May 4th and 7th. The official opening of the event, on the 3rd, at 8pm, will feature the presentation of internationally awardeddancers at the Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart, the German contemporary dance festival. All presentations are open to the general public.

Mostra Paranaense de Dança will also have selectives in Ponta Grossa, Francisco Beltrão, Campo Mourão and Arapongas (schedule of inscriptions below) to select choreographies from all Paraná and other states for the grand finale. In the inner cities, the opening of the activities will be with G2 Cia de Dança, with the spectacles La Cena and Blow Elliot Benjamin, both with direction of Cleide Piasecki. Technical and artistic improvement workshops will also be offered in varied modalities, given by qualified professionals.

Mostra Paranaense de Dança of ABABTG |
Schedule of the 2017 edition

Dates of registration to schools, academies, groups and artists:
Curitiba: from April 13th to 19th
Ponta Grossa: from April 20th to 26th
Francisco Beltrão: from April 27th to May 3rd
Campo Mourão: from May 4th to 10th
Arapongas: from May 11th to 17th
Note: regulation and applications at

Dates of selectives in the cities of Paraná:
Curitiba: from May 3rd to 7th
Ponta Grossa: from May 12th to 14th
Francisco Beltrão: from May 19th to 21st
Campo Mourão: from May 26th to 28th
Arapongas: from June 2nd to 4th

Opening show of Mostra Paranaense de Dança winners at Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart
When: Wednesday, May 3rd at 8pm
Where: Guairinha - Rua XV de Novembro, 971
Tickets: R$ 20,00 (full price) and R$ 10,00 (half price), Disk Ingressos and at the box office of the theater.

Presentations of the groups registered in the Curitiba Selective
When: from May 4th to 6th at 8pm and May 7th at 6pm
Where: Guairinha - Rua XV de Novembro, 971
Tickets: R$ 10,00 (full price) and R$ 5,00 (half price). Disk Ingressos and at the box office of the theater.

Final Presentation with selected artists and groups:
Between June 16th and 18th at Guairão.

Workshops for technical and artistic improvement
The exact dates, modalities and applications will be announced on the event website:

Regulation and further information:
[email protected]


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