Open registrations for the project Quartas da Dança 2019

por Folha de Pernambuco,

16 Aug 17:49

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From this Monday (4) until February 28th, the registrations for the Quartas da Dança 2019 (Dancing on Wednesdays 2019) will be available. The project, an initiative of Recife’s City Hall, aims to ensure the stage and form public for the dance in the city. Between April and November of this year, the Teatro Barreto Júnior will present selected shows, which will have facilitated conditions.

The program will be composed of performances of the various artistic styles and modes of production of the local dance, analyzed and selected by a commission. These selected shows may use the agenda, always on Wednesdays, according to the availability of the theater, by prior agreement. In addition, the presentations contemplated in the project will be entitled to receive the box office of tickets sold, extracted 10% of the total value, which will be allocated to the use of Teatro Barreto Júnior.

Those interested must send a proposal for participation to [email protected] In the e-mail, it is necessary to send documentary evidence of the spectacle such as release, technical file, newspaper or blog article, poster etc. You also need to send a link (Youtube or Vimeo) of a video that displays the entire show. Finally, you can not forget to attach four photos of presentations.

All materials required to register must be sent in a single email with up to 20 MB in word, pdf, jpeg, or png file formats; and the e-mail must contain in the subject: Quartas da Dança / Title of the Show. To know more, just access the regulation:


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