Know the history of DF dancers selected for New York dance school

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16 Aug 17:49

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It is common to hear that the life of a dancer is not easy, or that dancing “is not a future”. Living the ballet is an arduous choice that often needs to be split up with other functions. Despite the obstacles, four Brazilian dancers try to fulfill the dream of dancing - with the right to an international course to increase their curriculum.

The opportunity came with a retinue of the American Academy of Ballet (AAB) from New York, who came to recruit talents in Taguatinga, Distrito Federal, for a summer course. The audiction, held in late 2018, brought together about 50 people interested in spending up to two months immersed in the world of dance.

From the 50 candidates, 14 dancers aged 12 years and over were approved. The program does not provide full scholarship, but guarantees discounts in classes, hospitality and meals. \ “What will determine the number of scholarships and the percentage of the discount is the technical level and the class performed by each participant”, explains the representative of AAB, Vitoria Almeida.

At the time, the company chosen to host the American Academy was Escola de Dança Noara Beltrami (School of Dance). The owner of the space says she even expected more job candidates, but justifies the low number as a “cultural movement” in Brasilia.

“The problem is the people, it’s not the audition,” she says. “There’s still this thing that classical ballet, that dance, is a superfluous thing. People does ballet dancing at school, not for a carreer” says Noara.

The mishaps did not, however, prevent the school from having four students to compose the summer course 2019, which begins in June. In addition to these, a Sesc dancer also has a guaranteed place in the New York school.

Meet some of the chosen ones:

‘Dance is something that has always been part of me’ The youngest selected, only 12 years old, is a resident of Gama. Despite her young age, Júlia Carneiro already has a 9-year career as a dancer in Sesc. “I’m preparing my psychological and physical, if I go. It’s a very intense experience, I was not expecting it, it was a big surprise.”

The student’s parents told to G1 that she had always been very interested in artistic activities. Julia confirmed. “I say I started dancing from the age of 3, but before I always danced, I played music and improvised.”

“Dance brings me a very good energy, something I can not explain. It’s incomparable.”

Her father, Bruno Bezerra, says he is very proud of his daughter and now tries to deal with the apprehension of distance during the course. “We will give her full support so she can enjoy this moment.”

‘Have to have lots of love’ Ballerina for more than 15 years, Barbara Elen Passos says to be moving towards professionalization in the world of dance. The communication student had the first experience with ballet at age 4, still in school.

Today, at 19, Barbara says that the course at the American Academy of Ballet is like a dream come true. “I did not expect to be accepted. I had taken a look at the school site before, and it seemed to be of a very large magnitude” she recalls.

“We always get excited about such an opportunity, but there is no incentive in Brasilia. It’s difficult for us to invest this value in something that we do not know if there will be a return.”

‘It’s a great opportunity, it escapes the reality of Brazil’ Ballerina Bárbara Coutinho, 22, is full of expectation when it comes to the international course. “You sleep at school, you eat, you do everything there. There are several teachers from several places and it’s in a theater.”

Dancer since the age of 5, the brasiliense is so grateful to the school where she graduated as a professional. Today, she acts in the same space as a ballet teacher to pay for the travel and accessories demanded by the dance. “I’ve always been privileged, my parents have always been very supportive of me, but there is an hour as the age draws in. It’s not just a trip: it’s a sneaker, socks, clothes, costumes, makeup.”

Veteran in national competitions and festivals, Barbara still has to deal with the uncertainty of whether or not to fund the course. “I did the math and the course, for a week, will cost R$ 7,000. Not considering the tickets. It needs to be very well evaluated.”

‘Ballet for me is a challenge’ This is the motto that propels the 26-year-old dancer Warley Castro to allow himself to break his limits. “I’m a bit of a rebel” he says, as he laughs at himself.

Ten years ago, Warley had the first contact with the dance world. The invitation came from a friend, who asked for his company for an experimental ballet class. Since then, the resident of Samambaia lives the love of dance.

“When I started dancing, my dream was to be an international dancer, traveling the world. Today, in order to make money, I have some jobs as a dancer, I have already worked in 11 places at the same time,” he recalls.

Asked by the G1 about the expectation of the course, Castro was worried. “It’s always an obstacle, the financial issue.” Until this week, she still did not know if he would have money or sponsorship to attend the two-month internship. * Under the supervision of Maria Helena Martinho.


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