Last Days Of Application For Prêmio Desterro (Desterro Prize)

16 Dec 12:21

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Dancers, groups, companies, schools and academies in Brazil and abroad only have until June 15th to register for Prêmio Desterro (Desterro Prize) - 7th Florianópolis Dance Festival, which will be held from August 30th to September 4th, at Teatro Ademir Rosa, in the Integrated Center of Culture (CIC). The total prize of R$ 22,000 will be distributed among the best male dancer, female dancer and choreographer, the winners of each dance genre, the highlight of the event and the great champion. Classical ballet works, classical repertoire ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom dancing, folk dances, urban dances, jazz and tap dance, will compete in two categories: junior (dancers born between 2000 and 2004) and adult (dancers born until 1999). The subgenres are divided into male and female solo, duo and ensemble. The choreography registration is unlimited, but only one work by combination of gender, subgenre and category of each group can be approved - except in the subgenre solo, as long as it is not the same dancer. For example: a jazz/duo/junior, a jazz/duo/adult, a tap dance/ensemble/junior, a tap dance/ensemble/adult and so on. The presentations of solos and duos can not exceed three minutes and the ensembles, five minutes. Candidates must send the registration forms, pay the evaluation fee in the amount of R$ 15 per choreography and post their videos (upload) by June 15th, through the website The list of the selected will be announced until July 4th. Only these will pay the registration fee and will send the other documents required until July 20th, by Sedex. Registration fees:

• Ensemble: R$ 35 (per dancer)

• Duo: R$ 160 (the pair)

• Solo: R$ 140

• Assistants, directors and coordinators: R$ 35, regardless of the number of choreographies registered

• Choreographers: free

 These values correspond to the participation of the dancers in only one choreography. Anyone who dances in another presentation must pay a new fee, in full.


• The top three placed in the subgenres male and female solo, duo and ensemble, in all genres, in both categories (junior and adult), will receive trophies.

• The group or dancer considered by the evaluators as the best of each of the eight genres will earn R$ 1,000.

• The best choreographer will take R$ 1,000.

• The best male dancer and female dancer will take R$ 500 each.

• All participants will be able to be nominated for Prêmio Destaque of R$ 2,000, which will be awarded to a dancer, group, school, costume designer, essayer, choreographer or set of works that stands out in the event.

• The winner of the festival will be awarded with Prêmio Desterro (Desterro Prize), in the amount of R$ 10 thousand.

• The first placed in each genre/subgenre/category will have a guaranteed place in the next edition of the festival with choreography of the same combination, with no need for selection, but also paying the registration fee.

• The best of each genre will gain the right to compete in the 25th Passo de Arte - International Dance Competition, which will be held in July 2017, in Indaiatuba (SP), but they must adapt to the regulation and also pay a fee.

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