Cia. Cenica dance show will be presented for free at Sesi

por Francine Moreno,

16 Dec 13:21

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Question, reflect, debate, stimulate the exchange of thoughts and opinions. Whoever goes to the Sesi theater this Saturday, 17, will watch a production that wants to go beyond entertainment. This is the dance show “O Mesmo Sapato Não Serve em Todos os Pés” (The Same Shoe Does Not Match All Feet), from Cia. Cênica, from Rio Preto, which will be held at 8pm with free admission.

The performance addresses the search for oneself, the recognition of the other and the transformations that involve the journey of the human being along his paths. According to the synopsis, the production brings up issues involving greeting and farewell to himself in choreographies that intertwine the bodies.

The presentation was built within the “Território Cênico” (Scenic Territory), a sharing project that brought the group closer to the local community through nine workshops for qualification and cultural and artistic improvement. Contemplated by the Nelson Seixas stimulus program - Culture for All Law, the project had as a proposal the exchange of knowledge and the identification of talents through training activities coordinated by members of Cia. Cênica.

The spectacle is the result of the expressive dance courses and the stage body, which lasted six months. Who drives is the actress, teacher and choreographer Cássia Heleno. The cast is formed by 17 dancers, who were students of the workshops. The list includes Eder Carvalho, Edna Salina, Elvis Ferreira, Erick Guerra, Izabela Camilo, Jessica Paladino, Juliana Medeiros, Larissa Dias, Laura Bazan, Lê Simões, Maicon Vijarva, Mari Bressan, Paula Galindo, Richard Dumont, Rosalina Alves, Tiago Lima and Yndy Junior.

In addition to the students-dancers, the actresses and musicians Cris Silva and Jaqueline Cardoso also appear on the scene, who perform live and are responsible for the percussion and singing. Other members are included in the technical file. Fabiano Amigucci, for example, was responsible for training for the stage body. The show premiered on November 20th, within the programming of Seresta Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha, as a result of the workshops.

The show talks about differences and discoveries. Using metaphor, Cássia Heleno affirms that the shoes are people. “It was six months of research that went beyond the workshops. The dancers immersed themselves in this universe with dedication, effort and many classes and rehearsals extras”, she says. The choreography, which began with 20 minutes, finished at 45. “The show is poetic and has its own personal quotes. The public will understand that the production instigates a reflection on the differences and the life, from the birth until the aging.”

The session of “O Mesmo Sapato Não Serve em Todos os Pés” this Saturday marks the closing of the activities of Sesi Theater’s cultural program. The show integrated the programming of the 13th edition of the International Forum of Dance of the State of São Paulo (Fidesp), in November. Last Thursday, 15, was staged in Mirassol. And, this Monday, 19, at 7pm, will be presented at Praça Rui Barbosa, in Rio Preto.

Fagner Rodrigues, actor and director of Cia. Cênica, celebrates the results of the activities carried out from the workshops of Território Cênico. “There were nine workshops in six months. The result was better than expected.” The artist talks about the importance of the Nelson Seixas stimulus prize. “The next government of Rio Preto should keep these edicts. Even with reduced resources, the initiative should remain for the realization of projects such as the Território Cênico. It was many people benefited. “


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